Visio Divina: Sacred Seeing in Modern Art Forms

We believe that there is a healing power in the forest. The trees can speak to our condition and touch our hearts. This was certainly our experience while creating our series of Celtic Saints meditation videos. You can watch the entire series HERE

When making these videos, we would find a beautiful place, set up the tripod and camera, and open our hearts to the divine presence all around us. All of our footage (with the exception of the wolves, owl, and eagle which were filmed in a nature reserve) is filmed on Manitoulin Island.

Manitoulin Island is a Thin Place.

Manitoulin is actually an English butchering of the Aanishnaabek name Mnidoo Mnising which loosely translates as ‘spirit island’. This holy island is the largest freshwater island in the world, with several inland lakes of its own, nestled on the northern shore on Lake Huron (which is essentially a fresh water sea).

For me, the spirit of this island comes through in our video. Somehow, the camera manages to convey that presence through what is essentially a combination of Visio Divina and Slow TV. The videos in our retreat are sacred windows which give you a glimpse of the spirit of this island.

In the video below we filmed a quiet spot where we knew the deer like to visit. If you are willing to immerse yourself in the stillness of that place, the deer will touch your soul. Watch it prayerfully and see if you can allow yourself to become one with the music, nature, and sacred story which is being presented to you.

In the medieval imagination, there was a poem which Patrick used to transform himself and his followers into deer so that they could escape from a pagan king who was trying to kill. The poem is called Deer’s Cry or Patrick’s Breastplate. A version of it which has been arranged for both reading and chanting can be found in my book Psalter of the Birds. You can purchase a copy from our books page by clicking HERE.

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One thought on “Visio Divina: Sacred Seeing in Modern Art Forms

  1. Very nice video. I especially like the imagery and the reference to The Divine. I am in the process of re-creating the Bethany Spring Retreat Center. We have moved to a new location. I would encourage an help you could manage. Peace…

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