Sacred Fires: The Hearth and The Spirit

Fire is beautiful and sacred. It has inspired many poets. It has been the image of spirit for many prophets and mystics. My most profound religious experiences have been in the wilderness sitting by a fire late at night. I bet you've experienced something similar while sitting around a camp fire. You can't help but gaze mystically into the coals and dancing flames. It's like the fire calls to you.

Origen and The Trinity of Scripture

Sometimes the Bible is telling us about a real life event, like the exile to Babylon; and sometimes the stories of the Bible are metaphors, like Adam and Eve. But that doesn't mean we should throw out the story. It isn't wrong just because it's a metaphor. We need to find out what that metaphor is saying to us, because that is where the truth resides.

A Theology of Gender: Julian of Norwich and the Image of God

Gender is a big topic in general and there has been lots of disccussion about how we should approach it from a Christian perspective. As a cis gendered straight dude, I am hesitant to give my opinion but I hope that this reflection can shed some light on this topic nontheless. I would like to start the discussion with a little scripture and then talk about what Julian of Norwhich had to say about it.

Eriugena: The Celtic Teacher of Deification

John Scotus Eriugena, or John the Scot, was a philosopher of the middle ages. He had many academic accomplishments including his famous work Periphyseon. Eriugena shared the ancient Christian belief of deification, or the idea that humans are meant to become like Christ and share in His nature. This is still the understanding of the … Continue reading Eriugena: The Celtic Teacher of Deification

Seeking Solitude

That solitude and silence are great assets to the spiritual life is a truth universally acknowledged. But not many of us have the luxury of them laid out for us. We have to go in search of them. Sometimes that means going on retreat, or carving out for ourselves slabs of early morning or late evening, or between school runs, when we know we won’t be disturbed.

Conversion and Commitment: Discerning the Call

Today is the first Sunday of the month when we share guest posts from people living and teaching the Contemplative and/or Celtic Christian way around the globe. One of the beautiful things about the internet is that people doing amazing things in isolated parts of the world can learn from one another and grow together. … Continue reading Conversion and Commitment: Discerning the Call