Spiritual Direction

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I practice a form of spiritual direction which has influences from a variety of sources. My practice is first and foremost grounded in the Christian tradition with a particular focus on Celtic and Desert spirituality. These traditions include a wealth of practical spiritual advice which I use in conjunction with the practice of sacred listening I learned growing up in the Quaker tradition.

I am what’s called an anamchara, which is an Irish word used as far back as the early middle ages to describe a spiritual director. The word itself means “soul-friend” because friendship is an essential virtue and leads us into communion with God. You can click the titles below to learn a little more about spiritual friendship.

Anamchara in the Irish Texts

My practice of Anamchara

Spiritual Friendship

The early anamcharas teach us about the inherent goodness of human beings and how to help people draw from the well of grace created in their hearts. This hidden wealth of nature is an incorruptible and inexhaustible source of blessing and healing which pours forth from the heart of every person. Click the titles below to read a little more about that.

Original Goodness

The Illusion of Original Sin

Healing by Contraries

The Discernment of Spirits

The Gift of Hope

The Hidden Recesses of Nature

One of the essential teachings of the early anamcharas is that every person is unique and has a unique spiritual journey. There is no one practice that works for everybody. An anamchara helps us to discern what kinds of practices will be helpful for us and where we are at. I am familiar with a variety of spiritual practices that may be of help to you. The titles below give an example of some of the practices we could work on together. 

Keeping Watch

Lectio Divina

Making a Rule of Life

Breath Prayer

Talking Back to Demons


Contemplative Prayer

I do not turn people away because of money, so if you are interested in spiritual direction but aren’t sure if you can afford it, let me know and we’ll work something out. To see the standard pricing you can check out Patreon. You may need to click “see all 9 levels” in order to see all the tiers. All spiritual direction is done online via Zoom and we can connect from any country. If you are interested in exploring spiritual direction together then please send me an email first so we can set up a time to chat and see if we will be a good fit. My email is justin@newedenministry.com

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