Our Community

New Eden Ministry is a growing community which is primarily online. We have a bunch of different ways that we come together depending on our individual interests and level of commitment. This website has the Sunday sermons, theology, liturgies, and rule of life and forms the basis of the written content of our ministry. The majority of the actual community activity happens via Facebook. There is great diversity among us, including both lay folk and clergy many different denominations, but we all share a passion for mystical living in the Christian tradition and we all minister to one another. You can check out some of the different areas of our vibrant community below. You are welcome to join us as we walk this road together!

Facebook Page

Our Facebook page has lots of memes with spiritual messages everyday. It is also the hub of the various groups we host. Give it a like and see where the Spirit leads you from there.

Virtual Chapel

The Virtual chapel is a group for spiritual seekers, mystics, contemplatives, and anyone who earnestly wishes to deepen their inner life and relationship with God. We have daily discussions about topics ranging from eschatology to contemplative prayer to ethics. It is our largest group and the first one we started.

Carghais Clochán

A clochán is a Celtic hut made of stone and shaped like a bee hive. Some early Celtic monasteries were built in this fashion. Carghais means Lenten, so this is a place where we gather together to worship, fast, and turn our eyes inwardly. If you are interested in the Lenten Office, this is the group for you!

Liturgy Exchange

(coming soon)

This group is designed specifically for worship leaders who wish to deepen their liturgical repertoire and experience. There are regular discussion questions specific to leading worship and a venue to share written liturgical elements from a wide variety of denominational perspectives. If you are a liturgy nerd who wants to share or a worship leader who wants to grow outside their box, this is the group for you!