Welcome to our books page! The following books, by Justin Coutts, are self published and available for purchase on Amazon. The image of the book cover is clickable and will take you to Amazon if you desire to make a purchase.

Psalter of the Birds is a collection of historical poetry and other texts from Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. The poems have been arranged in such a way that they can be used for reading and for chanting. Music and instructions for chanting are included. Psalter of the Birds also includes an introduction to the Celtic understanding of bird song as the sacred music of the angels as well as three chapters discussing the Triple Way of the Christian mystics and how it applies to the art of poetry. It is a practical book designed to be used by contemplatives and bards alike.

Inner Peace

Coming Soon

Inner Peace is a two volume series looking at the Celtic tradition of soul healing and spiritual direction (anamchara). It explores the tradition’s roots in the spirituality of the desert monks as well as incorporating insights from later medieval English mystics and modern cognitive science. Volume I will be available in 2023 or 2024. Volume II does not have a release date yet.