The Cloud of Unknowing with Carmen Acevedo Butcher

Today I would like to share with you a conversation between myself and Carmen Acevedo Butcher. Carmen is a friend of mine with a heart of gold and true gift for bringing the wisdom of days past into the present moment. Her translation of The Cloud of Unknowing has become the staple translation for many modern contemplatives. She recently wrote a guest post on New Eden about her upcoming translation of Brother Lawrence’s Practice of the Presence which you can find HERE.

In this talk Carmen and I chat about the Cloud of Unknowing and what it means to us. She was so kind as to share her beautiful musical rendition of the opening prayer of the Cloud in the original middle English and we talked about the importance of spiritual play. If you would like to read some of my writing on The Cloud, you can check out some of the links listed below. If you are receiving this as an email or if the video imbedded below isn’t working, you click HERE to watch the video on Youtube.

Here are a few links to my own writing on The Cloud:

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