The Cloud of Unknowing

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The Cloud of Unknowing is a book which has changed many lives. It is an essential practical handbook of contemplative prayer in the West. It is the foundation upon which Centering Prayer is built. And It has shaped my life profoundly.

The Book itself starts with this prayer:

O God unto whom all hearts lie open
Unto whom desire is eloquent
And from whom no secret thing is hidden;
Purify the thoughts of my heart
By the outpouring of my Spirit
That I may love you with a perfect love
And praise you as you deserve

For me, the goal of Contemplation is summed up quite well in that little prayer.

When I first realized that prayer doesn’t have to be something that I request from God, my prayer life radically changed. I do not want to say prayers only, I also want to become a prayer. I want to be transformed by God’s grace.

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