Thin Places: Where Heaven and Earth Meet

There are places of beautiful mystery in the natural world. I bet you’ve found one at some point in your life. Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to find many of them. In the Celtic tradition these places are called Thin Places. This is because the veil which separates Heaven from Earth is thin. You feel like you could almost touch Heaven, or even taste it.

The waterfall in the picture above and the video below is called Bridal Veil Falls and it is on Manitoulin Island. Manitoulin is a thin place, a holy island where God so vibrantly dwells. We pray the spirit of the island comes through this video and into your heart, even if only for a fleeting moment.

New Eden Ministry offers a virtual retreat called Sacred Spaces and all the footage (almost) is taken on Manitoulin. In the retreat we talk about thin places. We discuss the community of nature, the ways in which nature speaks to us, and the irreplaceable council of the trees. The video below is a sample of what we will be looking at.

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12 thoughts on “Thin Places: Where Heaven and Earth Meet

  1. Hello, Due to a precious gift, vision I had around thirty years ago, where I was granted a glimpse (all I could receive) of how we people really appear before Loving God. My words are way to inadequate to splain . I believed that as a consequence of the “original” sin we lost the capacity to truly see each other as we are. The vision was so dazzling and what e see on earth has almost nothing to do with who we are. It was so transformative, as all visions are. Having this insight, I was passionate to share, with the holy people around me, but they could not receive even through their love. I like to see with the eyes of my heart and the vision has informed my life which I dedicate in service to the poor and marginalized and homeless. It was a pleasure to hear you make reference to the other, truer way of seein. Thank you. I am Irish American.and the Celtic tradition rings my roots. God bless us all. Love, jeanne marie.

  2. hello Justin, i think you live in paradise on that island. wish i could visit for a real live retreat one day! I am from Singapore. God bless you and your precious work.

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