Spiritual Medicine and Sacred Music

A couple weeks ago I was blessed by a conversation I had with my friends Carmen Acevedo Butcher and Alana Levandoski. We recorded it so that all you lovely people can enjoy it as well. Carmen has written on New Eden a number of times including essays and videos about The Cloud of Unknowing, The Practice of the Presence, The Psalter of the Birds, and self-compassion. This is Alana’s first appearance with us (hopefully the first of many), but I know that many of you are already familiar with her music, especially Christ Hymn, Sanctuary, and Pointe Vierge.

Our conversation flowed like water, weaving together many different threads into a Spirit led harmony. We talked about learning from the land, giving birth, the song of creation, embodying the patterns of nature, talking with birds and stones, deconstruction, reclaiming traditional Christian language, praise and worship, penance, integrating our difficult ancestors, trauma, exile energy, alchemy, shadow work, and subverting empire.

If you are receiving this in an email, you will need to click HERE to open the video on YouTube. If you are on the website, the video is embedded below and you can watch it there. My microphone settings were all messed up so I sound a little quiet and tinny. All things work together for the good and I assume it was simply meant to be that way.

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