The Gift of the Ancient

Today is the first Sunday of the month when we share guest posts from people living and teaching the Contemplative and/or Celtic Christian way around the world. One of the beautiful things about the internet is that people doing amazing things in isolated parts of the world can learn from one another and grow together. We hope this article inspires you to dive a little deeper into what it means to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors while looking forward to what kind of world we will leave for our grandchildren.

This beautiful poem was written by Deborah Walters, who is a member of our online community. You can find more of her poetry by visiting her website.

I have these dear friends …
They are great ,… tall …and handsomely green.
They have branches for arms that wave and call to me..
Looking for my attention
Trying to remind me of some ancient secret…
Something they have not forgotten …
Perhaps because they are so rooted..
Their leaves dance, …..twirling and twisting ..
They call out singularly and collectively ..
..they say.
And I search the light that shimmers through the leaves, because of their jig..
I know there is something I have forgotten
It sits in the far corner of my mind
..slightly obscured , yet present…

I feel like I may re-collect this distant thought,
If I could cease hearing the manufactured…
Then perhaps , I could hold this distant thought in my hands…
If I could hear the real, true , changeless , ancient .

I turn my mind and eye and ear again to my tall and verdant friend…
What is it you say?
You who’s arms stretch and reach for the heavens, like grasping
What is the ancient thing I have forgotten under layers of life and busyness ?

Shimmering light…
Waving arms…
Dancing leaves…

And then the wind whispers…so loudly it is deafening..

Soul , spirit , ..hear this
From the earths foundations..the Father has loved you!
Before the time was measured by day or night..
The Son has longed for you!
When there was only The Three…your days were known..

This is the gift of the ancient things ..
Do you recall?

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