Lent: Readings and Prayers

The daily readings, which are linked at the bottom of this page, are not fully filled in yet. They will, however, be filled in as Lent progresses. Thank you for your patience. Each week goes from Sunday to Saturday and so the introit fills in the gap from Ash Wednesday to The first Sunday in Lent.

Study and meditation are essential parts of a religious life. To study the scriptures and other sacred writings is to receive counsel from the wisdom of your spiritual ancestors. To read the written prayers that have touched the lives of Christians throughout history is to learn to pray in harmony with the ancient wisdom they represent. These readings and prayers are chosen specifically to invite one into the wisdom tradition of Christianity. Many of the prayers are traditional or ancient, some of them were written specifically for this liturgy.

The first three weeks look at creation and wisdom literature primarily from the Hebrew Scriptures. The last three weeks look at the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. You are encouraged to pray that the Spirit of Wisdom enlighten your mind as you read. Invite the Spirit to teach your deeper self the wisdom contained therein. Allow the readings to make your mind wander, do not rigidly read them as if they were a chemistry text book. If it only takes three sentences for your heart to be opened, then do not resist for the sake of being a good student. Allow the practice of reading scripture to become a dance with the divine.


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