Thank you for expressing interest in our Virtual Retreat, Sacred Spaces: Contemplation and The Celtic Spirit.

In this retreat we will be taking a deeper look at the sacred around us and within us and how we can create spaces for both. If you are seeking more of what is sacred in your life, then this is the place for you.

This introductory retreat will give you the tools to ground your spiritual life in the wisdom of trees and rivers, to explore the universe which is within you, and to live with compassion and integrity in a world which is far too often dark and unhealthy.

It can be taken alone, or with others. You can be at home, or gather in community spaces. You can share the experience with people you know, or join us in our virtual community. You can start the retreat any time, take as long as you want to complete it, and watch the videos as many times as you like.

The videos below give a sampling of what the virtual retreat will be like. We hope you enjoy them!

Celtic Folk Wisdom

The retreat will also include 9 videos about various aspects of Celtic folk spirituality. These will draw from my own experience praying in the wilderness, the Carmina Gadelica, and the living and thriving folk tradition of Celtic spirituality today. Here is an example of a video about thin places we will be sharing:


Celtic Christian Saints

The retreat will include 9 lessons on the lives of some of the most prominent Celtic saints set to beautiful scenery from Manitoulin Island. They are presented as guided meditations and were generously contributed by David Cole from his book 40 Days With the Celtic Saints. Each video teaches a little history and invites you to reflect on the life of the saint and what you can learn from it. David can often be found in our Virtual Chapel and is happy to answer questions about his work. Here is one of the 9 videos:


Celtic Christian Philosophy

This retreat will focus on 3 Celtic philosophers: Pelagius, Eriugena, and the Cloud of Unknowing. Each thinker will have 4 talks dedicated to them. They will include: an introduction, a talk on action and contemplation, one on philosophy and theology, and one on the practical applications of what each philosopher teaches. We go into concepts of original blessing, deification, universal salvation, time and eternity, and much more. You can watch the introduction to each one below:



The Cloud of Unknowing


Bardic Fire

As a bonus for signing up we have also put together a movie length example of one of our bardic fire ceremonies, it’s never the same as in real life, but we think you’ll enjoy it anyway. The fire is lit with a prayer adapted from the oral Gaelic tradition preserved in the Carmina Gadelica. We recite poetry, sing songs, tell stories, and talk about what it means to be both Celtic and Christian in a world full of war and suffering, Spirit and beauty.



The community of New Eden Ministry is freely accessible by anyone and everyone with an internet connection and a genuine desire to find the spark of eternity within. Our Community is also freely available to everyone participating in the retreat. There will be a discussion question associated with each video that will encourage you to further your learning in our Virtual Chapel Facebook group. Our community meets weekly with live video contemplative prayer and discussion and there is discussion happening every hour of the day in the Facebook group itself. We welcome you with open arms!


To enroll in the retreat, click the image below

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